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Sport, Performance & Fairness
Sports are an infinite source of joie de vivre and vitality. Any practitioner in any kind of sport is responsible to take care of this treasure he or she has been entrusted with. Therefore we as aeromodellers must take this seriously, despite the fact that we just like to play with toy planes. All our activities ought to be focussed on the target to build up, and never to destroy the endless pleasure of millions of old and young enjoying themselves with building and flying model aircraft.

Performance completes the enjoyment. We are born to perform, everyone on their level. Sport without performance doesn't exist. To measure and to compare is the core of sport, and mankind is made for it.

Fouls come alongside the performance, and cannot be totally avoided. We have to deal with this part of the human nature - and insist on rules and juries. Cheating is something else, a dark abyss beyond the personal performance in the given frame of rules. Fouls and cheating destroy, and therefore fairness has been introduced to sports in order to secure and maximise the pleasure. This gives sportsmanship paramount importance; sportsmanship includes grace in loosing.
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