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Recreational Flying versus Competition
In my opinion, there is no contradiction between recreational flying and flying in contests. Almost all modellers take advantage of a steady stream of technical developments and growing knowledge. Competition is the source of this stream.
The very beginner wants to improve and, earlier or later, to compare. This is competition in nucleus. A pyramid of contests offered to pilots at every level is helpful to develop sportive spirit. It's the duty of National Aero Clubs to convince their members that financial support of the top level competition sport is worth the money, even if just a few pilots will ever reach this top.

On the international level, CIAM ought to watch this process. The temptation is to organise just the most popular part of the model flying hobby in order to gain money at costs of the sport. But history shows, that at the very end the commercial hobby-organisation declares itself being a sports association and asks for FAI membership.
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